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Become A Holiday Advisor

Are you among those who love to explore every nook and corner of this world? Are you the one who likes to discover every single new destination no matter where it is located? Or are you the one who simply loves to travel and share your personal experience with others and give them a piece of advice on where to travel and what all they can see there? If your answer is yes, then why should you be doing it for free? Now, this is where Yatra.Com comes in as a boon for you! Yatra is one of India’s leading online travel company. They are in search of holiday advisors who can work from home and earn great commissions by selling their holiday packages to people. Working as a holiday advisor with Yatra you can help people to choose them the best holiday deals. 

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply if,

1. You fall in the age group of 25 -55 years old.

2. You are not in full-time employment.

3. You are well-travelled or you like travelling.

4. You have an outgoing personality.

Benefits of Becoming a Holiday Advisor

1. Flexible working hours which is beneficial for housewives, freelancers and business professionals.

2. High attractive earnings

3. Complete training and support

4. Fantastic holiday deals

5. Free vacations for your family and much more!!

What else can be better? You can do this business from the comfort of your home and that too without any investment. All you need is a computer/laptop while they take care of the destination training, marketing, sales and support you with innovative ideas. As a holiday advisor, you get the ultimate freedom to work from anywhere in the world, take a break or interval at your own convenience and organize your day the way you want it to be. In short, you are your own boss! You get holiday vouchers for domestic and international destinations as rewards if you perform well as travel advisors. These kinds of perks will surely boost up your confidence and inspire you on your journey being a holiday planner for others. Nothing as such will give you an opportunity in broadening your horizons.

While working as Yatra’s holiday advisor, you will be selling a wide range of domestic and international holidays and packages offered by them. This is a wonderful opportunity for every individual to work with one of India’s fastest-growing travel company with an option to work from home online.

Working as a travel advisor turns out to be great fun at work! If this work from home option inspires you and excites you to become a holiday planner then you are at the right place and this is the right time for you to join the team.

You can apply for holiday advisor by clicking here. Please note that this work is not for people who are full-time working professionals. 

I highly recommend you to watch the video given below and hope this helps to give you more clarification.



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