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What is Forsage?

It is an international crowdfunding platform for the new generation. Unlike, other peer to peer lending crowdfunding platforms it is completely based on a smart contract technology that is a 100% decentralized matrix project, the first ever in the history of marketing matrix for Ethereum.

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Its brilliant algorithm performs the function of distributing the affiliate commissions between the members of its community which are subjected to certain conditions(matrix marketing plan). The code contract can be viewed on the public domain. You can always view all the transactional information at the link

Who created Forsage?

It was created by a group of crypto enthusiasts and who are the members belonging to the same community and do not have any privileges. Therefore, Forsage is now a peer community platform.

What is Ethereum?

Among the family of cryptocurrencies, it is one of the leading virtual currency that was established in 2015. It is the second most valuable virtual coin after Bitcoin. The value of Ethereum is increasing day by day. So, now is the right time and opportunity for you to invest in Forsage and multiply your money.

                                                 Forsage Overview: Earn Ethereum Daily!

What is a Smart Contract? Mention its advantages.

The algorithm software used inside the blockchain cryptocurrencies is called the smart contract. In forsage, the smart contract is created on Ethereum.

Advantage - In simple words, it done for the safety purpose. Because of smart contract even the founder or creator of forsage has no ownership over it making the whole system safe and secure. 

How to create an Ethereum wallet or Crypto wallet and which one should you prefer?

For PC/laptop users, you have to create your wallet on MetaMask.
For smartphone users, I would suggest you to use Trust Wallet. It is safe to use and you have the entire control over it. 

How to join or register on platform Forsage?

Kindly follow the below given step by step instructions to get registered on Forsage.

STEP 1: Download and install Trust Wallet on your iOS or Android device.
STEP 2: Buy/Invest 0.055 ETH (or enter amount between $50 - $100) using your trust wallet via third-party provider 'MoonPay'. In case, if you are unable to make a purchase via Moon Pay, kindly follow the alternative method given below to make a purchase of 0.055 ETH.

1. Download and install the Zebpay application on your iOS or Android device.

2. After opening the application click on the 'deposit' button. Choose your payment gateway as per your convenience and make a transfer of minimum $50 into your Zebpay wallet.

3. Now, click on 'Ether' from the given list of cryptocurrencies and purchase 0.055 ETH coins.

4. On completing your purchase successfully send these ETH coins to your trust wallet. (Go to trust wallet app - click on 'Ethereum' - click on 'receive' - click on 'copy' - go back to your Zebpay wallet - click on 'Ether' - click on 'send' - click on 'add new address' - click on 'paste address' - click on 'save' - enter 0.055 in the quantity section and press on the send icon). Wait for few minutes and refresh your trust wallet. You can white list your address for making high volume transactions in future but this is completely optional.

5. If you have received the ETH coins in your trust wallet then continue with the below steps for registration process.

STEP 3: Click the icon of DApps in the trust wallet.

STEP 4:  Copy-Paste the joining link(given below) in the search bar and press enter.

( Joining Link :- )

 STEP 5: Press the button JOIN NOW.

STEP 6: Confirm Sponsor ID 719684

 STEP 7: Press the green button with CLICK TO REGISTER OR UPGRADE SLOTS.
 STEP 8: Confirm/Approve payment from your trust wallet.

 Wait for the transaction to happen...

Once your transaction is completed successfully please wait for 5-10 minutes(DO NOT PRESS BACK BUTTON) and your account will be created successfully(see image below). 

ATTENTION: When depositing in to crypto wallet, consider the network commission, usually about 0.02 ETH.

                                          True Matrix Financial Freedom! Welcome To Forsage !

How to realize your purpose in Forsage?

You have to build a partner network just like we do in MLM. In order to do that, you can approach the potential partners and tell them about the possibilities of this platform, the benefits of joining this platform, its earning potential and attract them to work together. Share your affiliate link with your partners and help them to register on forsage successfully. To know more about the marketing plans watch the video below.

Forsage Marketing Official Video

Is this a Passive Income platform?

Yes, indeed it is a passive income platform. Invest your money to work and forsage's algorithm will do the rest for you. All you have to do is invite at least one active person in your team and you will be able to earn good money. How quickly this will happen totally depends on you.

How effectively can I engage people? What if I don't know how to invite?

You do not have to force or impose a participation to someone. There are many people who are interested in making money online and some are in search of new opportunities. You can reach them via social networking sites, or setup an automatic sales funnel and interested people will find and join you. Your result completely depends only on you.

Is there any risks involved in it?

Absolutely NOT! Forsage is completely safe as it is built on smart contract blockchain system. All the transfers made go directly to your personal wallet, without hidden fees and third-party resources. This ensures that any amount you earn belongs only to you and you have the entire control over it. Just invite one active person to immediately recoup the initial cost of participation.

A Screenshot from the Official Site

So, what are you waiting for? Create your account now and start earning today!

                                            Forsage: Earn Money Even In This Lockdown!

      Forsage Is Changing Thousands of Lives  




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