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Become A Karvy E - Franchisee Owner

About Karvy 

Karvy Group, an unstoppable part in the money related domain since thirty years with rich experience gives a wide scope of administrations. Notable for its respectability, quality assistance and client driven methodology, Karvy has made a specialty for itself. The Group offers stock broking, Registrar and Transfer administrations, Data Analytics, Data the board among others. We are glad to be related with you in every single circle of your life by method of our array of administrations. 

Karvy Stock Broking, the broking arm of Karvy Group offers substantial and altered answers for corporate, establishments and individual speculators. With forefront innovation and expert administration, we generally flourish to be the best in the business. Our thorough exchanging account assists customers with moving toward different venture roads in a coordinated manner furnishing them the office to execute effortlessly.

Why Karvy?

Karvy Group is an all around differentiated combination and its organizations ride the whole money related administrations range just as information preparing and overseeing fragments. With 30 years of rich experience and discernment, we have reclassified the monetary space by methods for advancement, innovation and client driven methodology. The Group administrations more than 70 million individual speculators in different limits and gives financial specialist administrations to more than 600 corporate houses, containing the best of Corporate India. 

Karvy Stock Broking Limited is the broking arm of Karvy gathering. KSBL assists speculators with developing a portfolio by considering in their danger profile and future monetary needs so their ventures accomplish an ideal harmony among danger and returns. We have a joined record office that takes into account all speculation openings, for example, Equities, Derivatives, Currency, IPOs, Mutual assets and NCDs. We are spread all over contribution you wide scope of money related resources and customized venture arranging and answers for make your fantasies work out.

Karvy - Your Biggest Business Opportunity

For more than 30 years, if one name's been driving in the domain of money related administrations, it's the Karvy Group. Positioned among the main 5 in the nation over its business sections, Karvy gives its financial specialist administrations to more than 600 corporate houses, involving the best of Corporate India. 

A client driven association, Karvy has empowered a great many clients to settle on shrewd venture choices and develop monetarily, winning the organization the strong notoriety of being a riches maker. 

It's this notoriety that works for accomplices who partner with Karvy.

The Karvy E - Franchisee Business Model Explained

1. Item 

Value (NSE/BSE/FO), Commodities, CDS (Currency Derivatives - We give Forex hazard the executives answers for corporate and an exchanging stage for retail customers in the cash Futures and Options segment.), On-line Trading, Third gathering Products (IPO/MF/Bonds/NCD's/Corporate Fixed Deposits/Structured items/Portfolio Management/Capital Gain Bonds) 

2. Advertising and Sales uphold 

Sharing business advancement and business age thoughts alongside arranging customer level occasions for your outlet. Better nearby level perceivability and higher influence on the brand 

Showcasing and Business Development uphold consistently 

Welcome Kit involving flex sheet, visiting cards, advertising leaflets, office writing material, Compliance registers, and so forth will be given by KSBL to help launch the business 

3. Exploration and Advisory 

Solid warning help. 50 or more exploration examination with 200 or more guides. Solid in both Technical and Fundamental examination 

In a data driven efficient our own, insight has a significant effect. We convey quality and top to bottom examination through our Central Research group of investigators, covering major and specialized exploration, subsidiaries, common assets and IPO. 

Day by day Email communication on different Currency, Equity and Commodities elements offering look at one go 

Live visit with research group from morning 8 AM to 11 PM 

Month to month research item – Valuemax, Daily Commodity reports like morning and night ware Khazana, Short term/occasional reports on Agri and non Agri ware and quarterly writes about Bullions , Metals and Energy portions and so on. 

4. Foundation and Administration Support 

Call – N-exchange office (If customer do have brief loss of web availability, he/she may call our complementary number and can execute the exchange) 

Giving agreement notes/Bills to the end customers 

Online Risk Management Software (RMS) and Strong back office 

Simple KYC structure filling and fast enactment 

5. Administration Support 

Two devoted heads (enactment work area) will give hand hold uphold for beginning three months 

Concentrated Web based back office access will be furnished with extensive scope of reports for customers giving unlimited oversight over customers resources with us 

Single window question arrangement component. Complementary number to arrive at help leader for any question and single email address to post the inquiries 

6. Preparing 

Web based preparing on different programming's (front office and back office), KYC structure filling, RMS arrangements, and so forth through Skype 

Concentrated Web based back office access will be given exhaustive scope of reports for customers giving full oversight over customers resources with us 

Progressing preparing support for the colleagues just as the representatives is only a summon. 

7. Capex - ROI 

Least speculation Rs. 25,000/ - presently its Rs. 50,000/ - to 3 lakhs return for money invested: 30% to 300% to N 

Region Required: 100 sq.ft (Small Office - Home Office) 

Make back the initial investment: Acquisition of 10 records 

8. Qualification 

Any individual having energy to exceed expectations throughout everyday life and need to become wildly successful in securities exchange can apply. Least instruction capability SSC with capacity to put resources into self and utilizing the capability of customers. Get broking accounts (I-Zone) and amplify your development. 

9. Who can apply 

Least 2-3 years of involvement with selling budgetary items 

  • Independently employed (CA, ICFA, Financial Advisor) 
  • Operators (Mutual Funds, Insurance, Corporate FD, Bonds) 
  • DSA of other budgetary items 
  • Housewives 
  • Understudies 
  • Resigned faculty

By Karvy - Learning is growing!

Karvy have faith in nonstop learning and advancement. A devoted Learning Center offers instructional courses on different viewpoints to the representatives to make them familiar with the Group's Vision, Mission and Values. 

Explicit projects are led for different frameworks of workers, for example, new officeholder, senior pioneer, veteran, and so forth. This incorporates drafting new workers, Leadership advancement, Behavioral and Management, Functional/Process preparing, Technical projects, and learning programs that are modified to serve the particular needs of the business. 

A learning environment that permits workers to learn, question and examination gives change empowering individual and expert achievement.



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