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Join Amazon MTurk

There are thousands of American citizens who are making money online on a daily basis by working from home online via a platform called Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)

Have you ever heard of it before? Team Work From Home Online decided to put this job into testing mode!

Let's go...!

What is Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk)?

It is a crowdsourcing marketplace making it simple and easy for every individual and businesses to outsource their certain works and jobs that is distributed to a workforce who can complete these tasks virtually. It can be anything from conducting validation of simple data, taking part in surveys, content moderation and more. AMT enables companies to tackle collective intelligence, skills, and insights from a global team to design their business procedure, increase data collection & analysis and speed up machine learning development.

Though technology is upgrading day by day, there are many things that humans are capable of doing much more effectively than the computers, like content moderation, research etc. Traditionally, such tasks have been accomplished by hiring a temporary taskforce, which is too much expensive, it is very difficult to scale, is time consuming or it might have gone undone. Therefore, crowdsourcing is one the best way to manage and complete such tasks over the internet which are also known as 'microtasks'.

What are the benefits?

Optimize Efficiency: Since MTurk consists of microtasks that needs to be handled manually, it ensures that the work gets done quickly, so that the internal staff can concentrate more on the higher value activities of the company.

Increases Flexibility: Since we have the access to the internet across the globe and with the help of our workforce that is available 24x7, it becomes possible for the businesses and organizations to get their work done quickly as possible whenever they needed it without disturbing the in-house workforce.

Reduce Cost: Since MTurk follows the pay-per-task model, it helps in reducing the overall cost and at the same time leveraging the skills of the distributed workers to achieve better results which might have been not possible with just a dedicated team.

How does the MTurk works?

When you join MTurk as a worker, you are given access to the MTurk marketplace where you get to select the task(s) that you want to perform based upon your interests and get paid for every single task completed by you.

Organizations, who join the MTurk marketplace as requesters submit the tasks that needs to be completed by the workers.

What are the Pros And Cons of MTurk?


  • Work from home online whenever you want to.
  • Lots of HIT's available
  • You can transfer your money directly to your bank account or redeem for Amazon gift cards.
  • Pay can be extremely low
  • For high-paid assignments some special qualifications are needed.
  • Some HIT's are very boring to perform.


So based on the end of my research, I would probably say that MTurk would not be the primary source of income for majority people. But, somehow it would help you in earning a decent money online without any investment from the comfort of your home in your free time.

Also, if you are on a probationary period, you may not qualify for higher-paying HIT's - be patient.




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