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 About Direll

Direll Innovations Pvt Ltd, a Direct Selling organization obliging Digital Products and Keen Learning Solutions for Children. 

• The organization centers around development of youngsters from age 2 to 8 by bringing Technology Driven Online Products including Animation, Curriculum, Talking Books, Planners, Worksheets and substantially more that makes Education Interactive and Interesting. 

• They likewise get The Talking Bhagavad Gita which is the World's first Talking Gita in double language. 

• Direll stage is implanted with a Robust Technology that empowers easy to understand experience for each Direct Seller. Joined with a versatile arrangement it gives an income chance to everybody.

About Direll's Founder

Ankita Shrivastava is the World Record Holder at the World Transplant Games composed by The Olympics Association. She is the first Indian to win 2 Golds and 1 Silver in for the nation. Her name is additionally in the India Book of Records.  

• She is a Live Liver Donor and given 74% of her Liver to her Mother when she was as it were 20 years of age. 

• She is the Executive Producer of Purple Turtle Series composed by Emmy Award winning Journalists and Musicians. Licensed innovation created by them has arrive at more than 25 nations through it's instructive substance. 

• She is a TEDx Speaker, Brand Ambassador to associations like MP Live, Mahila Bal Vikas, World Gayatri Parivar, Sakaratmak Soch and so forth and Honorary Member of - Department of Sports and Youth Welfare - Madhya Pradesh, Young Indians by Confederation of Indian Industry and the Indian Women Network.

What is Direct Selling?

Each individual aspirations to turn into an Entrepreneur, Direct Selling is your answer. 

• Direct selling offers significant advantages to individuals who need a chance to acquire pay and manufacture their very own business, to buyers as a choice to retail locations, and a financially savvy path for business to put up items for sale to the public. Direct offering offers an option in contrast to conventional work for those needing an adaptable chance to enhance family salary, or whose conditions don't permit standard business. 

• Direct selling chances can form into a satisfying profession for the individuals who make progress also, decide to seek after their free immediate selling business on a full time premise. Start-up costs in direct selling are normally low. Direct selling offers a conveyance channel for organizations with inventive or particular items that for cost or different reasons are not fit to other retailing. 

• As the outside Socio-Economic Impact Studies for the different business sectors show, direct selling is a positive advantage to the economies and individuals where direct selling organizations work and serves purchasers with an advantageous wellspring of value items.

• Direct selling offers a circulation channel for organizations with inventive or unmistakable items that for cost or different reasons are not fit to other retailing. 

• As the outer Socio-Economic Impact Studies for the different business sectors show, direct offering is a positive advantage to the economies and individuals where direct selling organizations work and serves purchasers with an advantageous wellspring of value items. 

• Every sixth family in USA has a Direct Seller and the business has blast like never before giving equivalent chance to everybody to arrive at their fantasy pay.

Benefits of Direct Selling

• You are Your own Boss 

• No Rent 

• No Electricity Bill 

• No Joining Charges 

• No Territory Barrier 

• No Discrimination 

• No Limit to Earnings

Business Opportunity for Everyone

Employee - He/She gets a wellspring of new salary. A current worker even after extra endeavors can't cross a scale, with direct selling he/she has no constraints. 

New Entrepreneur - Anyone who is hoping to begin another business should come to Direct Selling as it gives you a prepared stage at no additional expense. There is no charges, lease, pay or credit to be taken. You can begin now and scale as much as you need. 

Housewives - Ladies get a chance to utilize their free space and their organization to sell items that they have faith in. This gives them chance to procure their own cash and become autonomous. 

Pre-school proprietors/Franchisees - They are not any more limited by kids in their school and are open to a chance to gain with their total organization. 

Teachers - Teachers frequently wind up at an edge, with their organization of guardians they can produce a wellspring of new pay simultaneously help their kids increase better information and expertise through the items.

Why You Should Join The Network Industry?

Jobs - There is an estimate of 25 million people who are going to go jobless during and post coronavirus. All these people will now be leads who are looking for source of employment. 

Extra Revenue - Those who manage to save their job have gone through salary cuts and are looking for sources of extra income. 

Digital Selling - Digital Products are on a rise and has a huge market due to the inconvenience of selling of physical products. 

Time - Now more than ever we all have time at our disposal. 

Flexibility - You get to decide your working hours. 

Network - We are not restricted by our social network. The entire world is now connected to us at touch of a button.

Why Direll?

Each Direct Seller for us is an Entrepreneur. Every Entrepreneur is hoping to grow the business and help other people start another one. The Direct Seller while making another vender in his organization, sells a Business Solution, offering chance to the close proportional through joining the group and furthermore in going into business of a Pre-school.

Why Children's Category?

• While normal training will offer ascent to average individuals with normal pay rates, inventive instruction arrangements will create basic aptitudes early, improve compensation and expectations for everyday comforts in future, and thus, stopped disparity. 

• Today's folks have gotten this and families are not reluctant to contribute their assets what's more, time on quality early instruction—understanding that it is the best speculation for their youngsters' future. 

• The Global Child Care and Education market size was $339 Billion (Rs. 25 lac Crores) in 2018, to develop at a CAGR of 11.3% to $520 Billion (Rs. 39 lac Crores) by 2022. 

• Asia-Pacific has the greatest market for kid care and training, containing almost 40% of the worldwide market.

What is Digital Pre-School?

• Due to current conditions and the vulnerability of the Pandemic we have begun Digital Pre-school where every one of our administrations are shared through a LMS. Everything a Pre-school Owner necessities to run the Pre-school consistently as far as the board, administrations and system is shared by us.* 

• Franchise Manual 

• Teachers Manual 

• Worksheets 

• Curriculum 

• Planner 

• Books 

• Learning Videos 

• Educational Series 

• Design Templates 

* Physical Products can be purchased through Requests will be dispatched according to the Government Guidelines post Lockdown.

What is Purple Turtle Educational Series?

• Broadcasted by - in Middle East 

• 52 scenes of 7 minutes each 

• Written by Emmy Award Winning Writers - Carl Carter, Karl Geurs, Dev Ross, Paul Parkes also, Phil Harnage 

• Music by Emmy Award Winner - Rich Dickerson 

• Distributed by - Cyber Group Studios, France (Top 10 Distributors of the World) 

• Co-Production Between India, Ireland and France

Direll Perks?

• Direll Offers wide variety of Bonuses, compensations and discounts to distributors. 

• There are about 5 ways how your earnings come from sales of direll products 

1. Team Building Bonus – 20 % 

2. Generation Bonus – 45 % 

3. Royalty Bonus – 10 % 

4. Life time Bonus – 10 % 

5. Performance Bonus – 5 % 

How much is the Retails Profit?

• As a distributor you save this amount on MRP. 

• Difference between the MRP and Distributor Price(DP) 

• Direll offers 20 % to distributors purchase products from us. 

MRP = Retail Profit 20% + Distributor Price Example MRP 1000 = 200 ( 20 % of MRP ) + 800 ( Distributor Price) 

So if you purchase products worth 10,000 INR per month 2,000 INR is your Retail profit. 

Joining as a Direll Distributor

Click on Join Direll and enter Sponsor ID as "Sujish29" and further complete the pending process and complete your KYC on priority basis. Once your KYC is approved your account will be activated and you can start selling the products.

Team building is not mandatory though but if you want to increase your income you will have to build a team. Otherwise, retail income will always be there for you.

Wishing you Good Luck and Happy Selling with Direll.



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