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Become A Smartphone Photographer

When I say - "becoming a smartphone photographer" does not mean you have to be some kind of pro in taking pictures. No spetcial skills are required here. Even if you are a beginner this will definitely work for you. Apart from many people who are professional photographers who earn good money in this sector, when compared to them there are people for whom photography is just like a hobby or the love they have for clicking pictures. But, have you ever imagined that your simple hobby of clicking photos can make some decent money for you? Well, if you are the one among those amateur photographers then this article is 100% for you!

Do we need professional cameras for this?

When it comes to photography we need to buy a professional cameras and other equipments which are very costly and not everyone can afford it. So, in that case you need not worry as your smartphone will do that work for you. You simply need to click some beautiful and attracting pictures from your smartphone and make sure that they look professional. Now, you simply need to sell these pictures that you have clicked by your smartphone to earn some money. Let's see how.

How and where to sell these photos?

There are several platforms where we can sell our photographs and earn money but today I will only discuss how you can sell photos from your smartphone. We have some applications in our android phones where you can sell your photos. These applications are:

1. Foap 

2. Snapwire 

3. Dreamstime 

4. Shutterstock Contributor - (a) For contributor

                                                            (b) For customer 

Some of these applications contain several assignments that you need to complete to earn money. You are paid only when your photograph is selected. Always make sure that the photos you click look professional in every possible way.

I hope you found this article helpful. Start clicking pictures, start earning money.



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