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Become An Expert on JustAnswer.Com

 What is JustAnswer.Com?

It is an online platform where people can ask anything they want and get answered to it. The answers are given by a panel of experts who are professionals in their respective niche. From why your ex is still texting you to how to repair a grandfather clock, Experts on JustAnswer have the answers to millions of questions. Each Expert has passed a rigorous application and credential-verification process.

Experts will answer your questions on:

  • Relationship
  • Relationship Care
  • Parenting
  • Entertainment
  • Wedding
  • Jobs
  • Firearms
  • Firearms Repair
  • Etiquette
  • Dream Interpretation
  • Clock Repair
  • Genealogy
  • Fraud Examiner
  • Appraisers (Antiques, Musical Instruments, Blue Book of Guns & Firearms)
  • Engineers (Structural Engineering)

These Experts are available at any time, day or night, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. No appointment is necessary, and your privacy and security are guaranteed. You can even ask follow-up questions and approve payment only when you're completely satisfied.

Experts on JustAnswer have answered thousands of questions, including:

  • My 11-year-old son is not doing his work in school. I have put him on punishment, and he knows I am in constant contact with his teacher, but he just doesn't care and is failing. Please help!
  • How can I contact Shia LaBeouf or his agent to propose a role for him in a new film that is local to him?
  • My DNA test showed 88% East Asian and 12% Polynesian, but my spouse is completely European and 2 of my kids have Central Asian in their DNA. Where did that come from?
  • What are the options in the Austin, Texas area for people who can visit seniors in their home as companions?
  • What is the value of a charger in Wedgwood's Persia pattern, from 1997?
  • My late father came to my dream and discovered a long snake, which was hiding in a hole. It curled around his right hand and it didn't bite him but it licked his hand and released all the venom in his palm. What does this mean?

The Experts on JustAnswer can help you most quickly and efficiently if you have as much information as possible available to give them right upfront.

Which type of experts are welcomed on JustAnswer?

They welcome all types of experts. From divorce lawyers and dog vets to Maytag techs and Mercedes mechanics, if you have professional expertise then you can earn cash on JustAnswer. Join the thousands of Experts who have answered over 16 million questions.

What is the earning potential on JustAnswer?

Earn an average of $2,000-$7,000 a month. Earn money when you answer questions in your field of expertise online. Set your own hours and work anytime, anywhere.

What are the benefits of becoming an expert on JustAnswer?

1. Make money doing what you love

Leverage your professional expertise to answer people’s questions and earn cash.

2. Work anywhere, anytime online​

All you need is an internet connection and a computer or smartphone.

3. Work as much as you want

Set your own hours and choose the questions you want to answer.

How to Apply?

The application process is as follows. There are no sign-up fees. After the easy application process, they’ll guide you every step of the way, making it easy for you to help customers and earn cash.

1. Apply online

You’ll need a social security number, valid identification, and relevant licenses or certifications.

2. Background check

They work with a third-party verification firm to check your credentials, which takes just a few days.

3. Start making money!

Once you’re admitted, they’ll give you the tools you need to start answering questions and earning cash.​




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