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Become an Amazon Franchise Owner

Starting a business and earning unlimited is everyone's dream. If you are approaching your own startup it can cost you an investment which includes buying a shop or office space which is a primary requirement and all the other expenses that are required on the initial stage. And, for those who do not have any startup idea, approach for the franchise-based business. Now, a franchise-based business comes out to be very costly and not everyone can afford it. But, Amazon has come up with a franchise opportunity for the people in India with a very low franchise cost. 

Now, the majority of people think, when Amazon has an online platform where customers can place orders by themselves then why would they approach the franchise stores for placing an order? So, I decided to put some light on it. Here, in this article, I will tell you everything that you need to know about the Amazon franchise business opportunity. Kindly, read on.

For whom is the Amazon Franchise Store? What is the concept behind it?

Amazon Easy Store is for people who want to order online from Amazon but,

1️⃣find it difficult in doing so.

2️⃣are afraid of online money transactions

3️⃣unable to operate the website due to lack of internet knowledge

4️⃣do not have an internet connection or deal with internet problems making it difficult to shop online. (people in remote village areas or town can approach for placing the orders) 

5️⃣find the procedure of return, replacement and refund difficult online

6️⃣find it difficult in talking to the customer service executive and understanding each other

So, these are the major problems faced by a majority crowd and this is where Amazon franchise store comes into help. Customer Service is what Amazon is known for and the Amazon Easy Store is here to assist you in shopping 🛒 for your favourite items from Amazon India.

How does a store owner earn?

The earning is completely on a commission-based structure. When a customer places an order from the Amazon franchise store he/she earns a commission on every product bought by a customer. The more customers place an order from your store, the higher are your earnings. The earning potential is not fixed as it is a commission-based model and also it varies from individual to individual. That means you can earn unlimited.

What are the benefits of owning this franchise?

  • An opportunity to partner with Amazon.
  • Become a solo entrepreneur.
  • Work from home as a freelancer or operate it from your shop or store.
  • Anyone who is 18+ can do this work.
  • Only a laptop/pc with a good internet connection will do.
  • Lowest franchise cost.
  • Highest commission up to 12%
Apply now, as this is a limited-time opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions - 

1. For whom is this store?

This store is open for all. Basically, this store has been opened for people who find it difficult to order online due to lack of internet knowledge, find it hard to operate the Amazon website, afraid of ordering online due to online fraudulent activities taking place in the cyber world.

At Amazon Easy Store, you get full shopping assistance and support from the store owner

2. What are the benefits of placing orders from the Amazon Easy Store?

+ Get higher discounts on mentioned products.

+ Buy products in bulk.

+ Get early access to deals.

+ Get full shopping assistance

+ Heavy discounted offers during the Great Indian Amazon Festival and many more.

3. Do you need a separate account creation for ordering?

A new account will be created by the store owner only for new consumers who do not have an account on Amazon. Existing Amazon account owners do not need a new account but you will have to log in to your account from the store owners dashboard in order to avail the discounts and offers.

4. What support do we get from the store owner?

+ Helps you in placing the order.

+ Helps you during refund or replacement of your order.

+ You can place your order at the store's address and later on you can pick up your order from the store OR you can get it delivered at your doorstep as well.

+ You can even unbox the product at the store checking for any defect or damage in case of any.

5. What is the mode of payment accepted at the store?

+ Pay in cash

+ Pay by your debit/credit card or by any other online methods

+ Cash on delivery

I hope I was able to answer all your questions. In case, if you think I have not answered the question that was in your mind then please ask me your questions, queries or doubts that you have in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to help you out.

(I'm also one of the Amazon Franchise Store owner and its distributor. My company S. K. Goodwill Distributors manages the Amazon Easy Store. We are listed on Google. If you want to place an order from Amazon, we are there to help and assist you. Anyone who is interested in buying the Amazon Franchise Store can connect with us at or you can call or WhatsApp us at 9545206268.)          

BUY AMAZON FRANCHISE                                      



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