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Become A Grip Investor Today

Earning money online has now become fun when it comes to platforms like Grip. A place where your money works for you. On investing in assets mentioned on Grip you get a monthly recurring income for the money you invest in them. 

Assets are nothing but the different growing companies which along with their growth helps you to grow your money as well. It is a win-win for all. Basically, you are investing in physical assets such as vehicles, equipment and furniture, leased to corporates, to earn great returns. 

In short, Grip is an investment marketplace that provides investors with options to co-invest and have partial ownership in physical assets that earn lease income. Come let's know Grip in more detail.

What is Grip?

The grip is an investment platform that offers curated investment opportunities in lease finance with a low minimum investment amount and fixed returns.


1. Diversify your portfolio starting at Rs 20,000/-.

2. Attractive rate of returns.

3. Fixed, non-market-linked returns with monthly payouts.

What do you get from Grip?

1. Detailed Analysis: Unique investment opportunities qualified through rigorous due diligence.

2. Complete Transparency: Disclosure of all aspects of each investment, terms of the lease and potential risks.

3. Reputed Co-Investors: Reputed investors invest at least 30% of the total investment amount for each asset.

4. Seamless Process: Investment identification, execution and management are delivered at your fingertips by their expert advisor.

How Grip works?

Grip manages the end to end journey for your investments, leasing and returns. 

Why Leasing?

Leasing is a simple contractual arrangement calling for the lessee (user) to pay the lessor (owner) regular payments in exchange for use of an asset over an agreed period of time. Buildings, vehicles and equipment are among the most common assets that are leased.

As an example, imagine that you and 5 of your friends (owners/lessors) were to co-invest in bikes that were then leased to a restaurant (users/lessee) to use for delivery and pay all of you a monthly rental. It is as simple as that.

You can compare it with existing investment options such as Grip Lease Financing, Fixed Deposit, A+ Grade Corporate Bond, NIFTY 50 Index. Go to the comparison calculator. 

Is investing money on Grip risky?

Well, as you know all investing platforms are subjected to market risks. It solely depends upon the overall performance of the company you are investing in. But, on Grip, the companies that are listed here are only the ones that are bound to perform well now as well as in future. So, it is safe to invest. In short, you do not need to go in search of companies that will be doing well as all the data of good companies have been curated and listed on the grip.

This is one of the best source of generating passive income

Start Investing Today & Become A Grip Investor!



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